Mark orders as dispatched on eBay / Amazon if the order is changed

if a customer orders item A, then messages in to say they would like to change it to item B, if we go into that order and manually change the order, then once that order is batch processed from Linnworks, it will not sent a dispatch note and tracking number to eBay or any of the other sales channels

Linnworks explanation for this is that due to the order being changed, it won't mark it as dispatched which seems like nonsense

If the customer themselves requested the change, as long as the order id is the same, it should mark the order on eBay as dispatched!!

Also eBay have benchmarks for dispatching items on time etc to achieve top rated seller status, so having a load of orders that according to eBay aren't even dispatched yet doesn't look good!

Surely this has to be common sense!!

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