Easier Batching feature for Purchase Orders

When delivering a Purchase Order where batch items are present, there should be fields available to add the batch details in line so that you can deliver all and create batches for the products at the same time.

I've attached a mock-up of how it could be presented. When batch items are present in the order, 5 new fields appear in the Purchase Order form:

1. Create New Batch? - Checkbox field. If checked, the stock for that line item will be added to a new batch. If not checked, it is added to the most recent batch.

2. Batch No. - Text field. If Create New Batch is unchecked, this is autofilled with the most recent batch number. Otherwise, the new batch number can be added here.

3. Bin/Rack - Text field. This is autopopulated as 'Current' and if it stays that way, the same Bin/Rack for the most recent batch is used to create the new batch. Otherwise it is editable and can be changed to whatever you want.

4. Priority - Text field. Same as Batch No. whereby if Create New Batch is unchecked, this is autofilled with the most recent priority number. Otherwise, you can assign any priority to it that you need.

5. Status - Drop down box - Used to assign stock status to the batch as standard.

This can also all be included on a CSV for dragging into the field which allows for pre-delivery prep for batched items with only the batch numbers needing to be filled in once the stock has arrived.

This feature would save a lot of time for people with multiple batched items who currently have to deliver batched line items separately, adding all of the data for each product one by one.

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