Ability to Change the Shipping Service After Order Confirmed


We use Royal Mail for our international orders. We normally send them on a PS7 service which has a minimum weight of 1.5kg. Sometimes we do not get this weight so we have to send them on an IG1 service. Sometimes we only realise his after the orders have been confirmed.

It is then not possible to change the postage service and reprint the label.

Can it be changes so that shipping service / vendor can be changed after order confirmation so a label reprint can fix the issue?


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We have a similar situation and as far as I'm aware once the order is processed and has been printed you can't change the postal option as it is now in the manifest. 
We are a seasonal business so I can change all the shipping rules when we slow down so our parcels do not go through max sort.

The return/resend function needs a tweek here as its long winded having to do this process for a change of postage service!


We have similar situation.

Linnworks can you release an update to be able changing postage service (reprint the shipping label with a different postal service) ASAP?

Yup I do max sorts and need this too

I'll also join everyone in saying this would be a very useful feature. We work around it by doing a resend and creating a new order then assigning the new shipping type to it, however this puts our stock count out unless we cancel the original order. It's a pain, but we batch process orders in the morning on the assumption it will go by the desired postage type and it can be a few hours later that we decide we need to change it. The item hasn't left the building and we can cancel it on the manifest, but we need the ability to alter a processed order, or to change it back to an open order so we can amend it there.

Does anyone do it in a different way to what I've described - I'm keen to find a better way until this change can be made.

Totally agree! We need this change urgently! 

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