Picklists with quantity of item for each order id

The template designer allows users to design a picklist which meets user needs. Using the order items (no composite parents) table allows us to pick only child items which then make up complete orders. On order items (no composite parents) we can add a subtable to display extra information about these items such as order id's which require this child item. 

The suggested functionality update would add an extra viewable column in this subtable which would display the quantity of each picklist item required for each order id.

For example,

first item on picklist - 20 lightbulbs(12v) - order id 11_quantity 10 - order id 12_quantity 10

seconnd item on picklist - 20 lightbulb holders - order id 11_quantity 10 - order id 12_quantity 10

This is purly for example's sake, the real thing would read and look very diffrent but the idea remains the same. 


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