show only composite items on invoice

 I was hoping that some could help me solve a problem. I have a number of items which are composite in nature. Usually it is the pack size that varies so sometimes there is confusion on the invoice as to how many child items to send.

The sub table on an invoice solves this, however I am printing a small table on the shipping labels for single line orders of fast moving items. It saves so much time and paper. I have created a shipping label with a small table in the unused area.

As you can see the sku is a pack of 2 and the quantity is 2 so the total number of items is 4. It needs the person packing to look at this and do a quick bit of arithmetic.

Ideally I want the small item table to show 1042030 as the sku and 4 as the quantity without showing the parent sku or quantity. There is not enough space to use the sub table and in any case I could not remove the item title column from the sub table. It seems to be a column that cannot be removed.

I did think of a formula which could be quantity multiplied by pack size (extended property) which I could enter as a formula box however this does not solve the issue of showing the child sku. When the sub table is enabled on a standard invoice template this data is shown but I don't see it as a variable.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Hi, you can print only subtable if you untick all columns on parent table, the problem on you site is that you need to create parent product which has composite on it, in your case qty=2, so linnworks will do the math, when you sell 2 parents and each is pack of 2 then composite table will show you qty 4.

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