Search by SKUs, Barcode result, by title in my inventory. with any categories.

i am mobile developer. i was looking at your api documentation and i cannot find api to search by, barcode, skus, title. can you please guide me into right direction.


This call will return you all stock items information, you can search by SKU, Title, Barcode or all 3 fields at the same time. Empty Keyword parameter will return you all stock items in paged response:

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This is a great endpoint and works well for searching by SKU, but I notice it does a substring search.  I am powering a Combo Box on our UI, so the user types "FOO" and expects to see a list of SKUs that begin with FOO.  Is it possible to search in this way?  Or another endpoint that might be suitable?

An alternative would be to fetch all matches and filter out unwanted ones before presenting them to the UI, but that would be inefficient and run into pagination problems.  We can't fetch the entire inventory and do our own in-memory filtering because our 78,000 stock items with pagination of max 200 per page would be 390 calls to the API to fetch it all.



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