not show new orders after midnight

Hi. I got another issue linnworks not show new orders after midnight. So there is orders on ebay but not in linnworks. 

2 people have this problem

spoke with friend he got same problem with free version but not with payd

Same problem for two days in the row.


This has been addressed in the support ticket that you have with us, please refer to it in case you have any further questions.

Kind regards,


Technical Support

I have the exact same issue and my issue is still ongoing. Can you please look into this?

linnwork show me that i have 66 order compare 38 on eBay. Some of them from November

We have had the exact same problem since Tuesday, only with Ebay order's.


To resolve that, please go to Settings>Channel Integration>Edit channel details>Migrate to new APIs and follow the instructions on screen. Once completed, orders should start downloading again.

Also, if you are already migrated to the new sync, in order to download missing orders you can roll back the last order sync date in Settings - Channel Integrations - Edit Channel Details - Order sync. 

In general, the issue should not occur any longer. Feel free to let us know if you notice it persists.

Kind regards,


Technical Support

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