Resetting to basic price

We have a ongoing problem with the Amazon channel, prices seem to reset to default price , not the channel price. We have to change manual to correct when it is noticed that a customer is getting the product far cheaper than it should be sold. ie standard price would be £1.99 but add postage and fees etc the Amazon price should be £5.69.

As usual when we highlight the issue we are told first give sku's but on the ticket. Then told nothing wrong , clearly not checked, got a chap on the phone who found the error straight away. Told will be a fix patch sent well guess what its still broke and now nobody wants to know.

The service level of Linnworks has always being poor however these issues cost a lot of money in errors and they just don't give a hoot. Sadly we are to start looking at other providers as the monthly cost is not cost effective against the money it is costing us in their error.

Interested in others thoughts on customer service in regards to errors that cost money as if a customer came into my shop with a faulty product we have to refund or exchange which is the moral thing to do where as Linnworks just seem to ignore any issue

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