Magento 2 Cross Sells/Upsells/Related Items

The current functionlity for the cross selling / up selling or showing customers related items is very dated and time consuming

You have to specify item extended properties in which you have to specify the product id of which you want to show as an up sell or cross sell etc

So if you have thousands of SKUs you have to go into each and every one, put an item ID of an item you want as an upsell / cross sell or related item

Not only is this time consuming to set up but also time consuming to update so if any new items come in which would be a better upsell this is a headache to do with a huge catalogue

We think there should be a dynamic way of doing this so lets say you sell product A, you should be able to set lets say a category id for any upsells, or even somehow get the information from magento to see that customers who buy item a also look at item B, so show Item B as a related items on Item A

I just think the current solution is not really a solution

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