Amazon Payment Mapping not working

On 10/16/18, the Amazon orders coming into Linnworks started saying that the payment method was Default.  Beofre this date, we had all of our Amazon orders being correctly mapped to our desired payment method we designated as AMAZON.  No one on our team made any changes to the mapping between LW and Amazon during this time.  On 10/22/18 LW released a solution article about the possibility of needing to Re-Authorize your Amazon integration do to a new security request placed by Amazon, but this hasn't been of help since the button it talks about isn't visible in our account.

Has anyone else experienced this problem on their LW-Amazon integration? If so, any suggestions on how you fixed it?

I already have a ticket started with the LW team on 10/18 but without resolution, and wanted to see if there may be answers here.



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Hello Ethen,

After the investigation, the issue has been identified and our developers are working on the fix which should be released soon. 

Apologies for the inconvenience. 

Kind regards,


Technical Support

Any update on this?


You have been update on the ticket that you have with us regarding this issue.

Kind regards,


Technical Support

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