Add the ability to download all the details only of a specific order

Linnworks does not have the ability to download the full details of a specific order without also downloading a large amount of superfluous data and this would be a great advancement and save bandwidth and download times.

You can export all processed orders in the Export Data screen within a date range (which you don't know immediately without doing extra work to find it out) but you can't filter for a specific order that you're interested in.

Similarly you can filter on dates in the Query Data screen and even filter on the order number on the screen but when you download it then it includes all the data ignoring the filter.

On the Processed Orders screen you filter for a specific Order Number and even though you can see much the data on the screen, including when you press the + sign, you still can't download the full details (eg full address, product details including quantities and prices) for just one order.

Please can you add the ability to either (1) use a filter on Export Data screen so that just a selected Order is downloaded or (2) add the ability to download the full details on the Query Data sheet.

Thank you, Peter

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