Identify Amazon Variation SKU Errors By Individual SKU Rather Than Just By Listing

Linnlive used to support this but it isnt present in .net; 

It would highlight the listing with an error and then when you expand the variations it would mark in red the SKU or SKU's with a problem.


- We have 40 skus in a variation for an amazon listings;

- There has been a typo with an attribute.. 7 out of the 40 SKUs doesnt match the amazon catelog exactly and therefor error;

- .Net shows the entire listing has an error and gives a list of all the errored sku in the listing in one big list thats hard to read;

(at this point the problem arises, i either have to commit to memory the issue why it errored or faff and copy and past the entire error log open note pad)

- I open the variation section of the listing and now i have no indication of which sku has the problem, i cant refer to the list linnworks provides as id have to close the variations screen. 

So i am forced to take the extra steps where there is more than a couple of issues of awkwardly selecting all the text in the linnworks tool tip which explains the errors then copying and then pasting into a note pad so i am able to reference the error whilst i have the variation section on a listing open.

This video outlines the issue, however in this case all listings had an issue so its easier to fix but if this only had a few skus with errors (which does occur) it because a nightmare to actually identify them and is quite frankly a poor workflow which could easily be much better with this development.


Daniel Benson

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