How to see errors when channel listing?

This was very easy in linnlive but I can't see an alternative way of doing it in .net unless I'm missing something.

So in linnlive we would list a variation and if there was a error (our details were different than what was already in the amazon catalogue for example our size might be XL/38" but in Amazon it's just XL)

You could open up the variations and it would show the error for that specific variant that you could just go into and adjust then when you were all done save and try listing again

In .net all you get is the error indicator which if you hover over you get the scrollable window which lists every single error. on the total listing

It's a nightmare trying to work that way if for example you've got 30 variants so have got 30+ errors to sort out.

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I am sorry that you feel that way about the .net listing  functionality. 

I am afraid,  the only  way to see errors on a template in .net is doing what you have described.However, normally,  the system gives you a list of errors per each item and splits each SKU specific error message with a gap and will also specify the actual SKU for which this error is returned. For example:

Error: SKU: SKU_001 

The SKU data provided conflicts with the Amazon....

Error: SKU: SKU_002

The SKU data provided conflicts with the Amazon...

Hope this helps.

Best  regards,

Ilja Lissov

Not really helps as it means that I either 

A) Have to remember each error per SKU

B) Keep switching back and forth

C) Copy and paste all the text in the error message to a txt document and reference it from there

Why not make it easier for customers so that if they click into variations it highlights which SKU there is an error on , you could even hover over it to bring up the error for that particular sku so you can easily see the problem and adjust it.

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