Channel Configurator Filters / Configurator Variations

I hope other sellers have this issue but we have a lot of similarly named configurators for some of our sales channels.
An example here is that we have over 50 configurators for eBay alone.

The most logical method we could come up with was to base them on Shipping type:

Example:  Courier, Large Letter, Letter, Tracked etc...

But we then needed to have different Shipping costs and dispatch times as well, hence we required so many variations.

With a list of over 50 configurators we strongly feel Linnworks could do with a means to better filter them which is why I would like to request Linnworks add a means to group configurators together. For example, A parent / variation could be created for similar configurators allowing the user to hover over the parent and then be shown the configurators within it.

I hope there are others out there that also feel this way, it definitely needs improvement.


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