Royal Mail Manifest Screen to show country as well as service


We need to know the average weight per country for our PS7 and PS9 codes. These are internal Royal Mail codes that are used to send bagged mail to all countries around the world.

The manifest displays them as a total for PS7 and PS9. If you view the items in the service it shows the country.

Can the country be bought into the front page so we can get the average weight on the manifest per country rather than per postal service, as this is what Royal Mail calculate the charge on. It is the same for many other international codes e.g. IG1, IE1 where they are broken down by EU and Rest of World. They all have next level down values which are the ones which are used to charge the customer, and therefore need to monitored.

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The instigating factor for this requirement is that Royal Mail want to have all internal mail put through with pre advice information....

IG1, IE1, PS7 and PS9 codes with and without CN22 need to be pre advised. Therefore checking the weight of these very weight sensitive (due to the increase in cost)  services prior to submitting is essential.



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