Submit refund to channel functionality

Recently we've started to use to process returns and refunds (we used to use the desktop version previously), but we've encountered a bit of an issue.

When processing a return or refund from one of our sales channels (BigCommerce) we find the whole thing very confusing. It seems that Linnworks gives us the option to submit the refund direct to the sales channel (theres a little tick box on the bottom left hand side of the page), but clicking this button doesn't actually process the refund on the payment gateway. Rather, clicking this button only sends information back to the sales channel with details of the refunded amount. 

This has made the whole process of issuing refunds more complicate than it was before. 

Previously we could create a refund, then visit BigCommerce and refund the customer with a couple of clicks. 

Now, when we visit BigCommerce we find that the order has ben updated to "Refunded" even though the refund has not been actioned on the payment gateway. On top of this the option to refund is now not available from the dropdown menu in Bigcommerce, so we must now visit the payment gateway and manually process the refund there. 

This is a completely ridiculous way of processing refunds. Surely there must be a better solution than this. 

Obviously we can just ignore the check button that sends the info to the sales channel, but I'd really like to know if Linnworks are aware that this functionality isn't really achieving anything.

Hello Kevin

This limitation is clearly stated in the documentation for the latest bigcommerce integration.

Please note that Bigcommerce don't currently provide a full returns and refunds API in order to initiate refund payment. However they are very recently looking into this but we don't have an ETA on when this work will complete on their end.

The option in linnworks is still available however to issue an update on an order for those who process refunds outside of bigcommerce and would like their bigcommerce order information updated and clients notified via the bigcommerce order notification settings.

I apologise for the confusion of the functionality and suggest that you uncheck the Refund Notes option in the channel integration settings if you do not wish to use the functionality in this way.

When bigcommerce have created the full Returns API we will update this functionality to work in the way you expect.

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