Automatically map ALL new Amazon listings that you add to libraries.

I find this hard to believe but this needs to be added ASAP. 

When adding to Amazon library if you add to more than one listing Linnworks wont automatically map them together for you even though its created them for you. It will map some of them that get added but a lot of the SKU.1 and SKU.2 ones are left for you to manually map. 

Its taken me over a day to map .DE! And I've still got .ES, .IT and .FR to go! So a whole week lost doing something LW should be doing automatically!

P.S. Map by SKU wont work as LW has added SKU.1 and SKU.2 to them.

Just so you can see what I mean.


There are numerous listings that have not been mapped here.

Hi Marc,

trying to implement an Auto link by partial SKU match is potentially very dangerous which is why this option has not been implemented.

Please take a look at the Stock Item Linking Import which can be used to map non matching SKU's in bulk from a csv file.

Details of this import can be found here



Hi Mark,

LW is creating that SKU so should know it is the same as it is adding the .1 to the end of it. I really can't see why it doesn't in all honesty. 

I've just checked my .IT, .DE, .ES and .FR accounts and I'm having to link items with the same original SKU as well, any answer to why is this??



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