No SKU and QUANTITY columns in the processed orders report


No SKU and Quantity columns seem to be shown in the processed orders report when I download it. Is there a way to download the report of the processed orders which contains these two columns?


Hello Tomas,

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I am afraid SKU and Quantity columns are not available when downloading processed orders directly from the Processed Orders screen. You can find a list with the available information just by right-clicking the header:

As an alternative, you can use Order Detail Between Dates report which does contain this information: OrderItemSKU and OrderItemQuantity. This report lists the Orders placed between the 2 specified Dates, if the order is processed it will be shown in the Processed column so that you can filter the CSV file and keep the ones that have been processed. More information about this report can be found here:

I hope this information is useful to you.

Please, let me know if you require further assistance.

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Hello Tomas,

This is Ethan from HyperCommerce. This isn't possible in the default queries, but it's possible to get the data within a custom query. This query can also be saved as a custom export within export data for future purposes

If you need custom solutions such as Advanced SQL Queries, Custom Reports, API Solutions or Integrations, please feel free to reach me at

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