Allow assign packaging group and packaging type in rules engine

This feature is desperately needed for anyone using USPS services. Which is basically any company in the United States. Our shipping times have more than doubled per package since the new .NET shipping was implemented. Below is the reason why and the solution.

PROBLEM: USPS Priority Mail Services such as Flat Rate Envelope, Legal Flat Rate Envelope, Padded Flat Rate Envelope, Medium Flat Rate Box etc are only valid if they are shipped in USPS supplied packaging that goes by the same name as the service. For example if you want to ship using service Flat Rate Envelope... well you must put your product into an official Flat Rate Envelope supplied by the USPS. You cannot ship using service Flat Rate Envelope but package that order in a Legal Flat Rate Envelope because it would be rejected by the USPS. Unfortunately the system may choose another packaging type based on item size or weight. This requires us to click edit > choose group > choose correct type > choose save > choose recalculate > choose print label. These added steps increase the ship time significantly. If there are multiple items in the order this will always happen. Our rules engine however will 99% of the time assign the correct service for us based on many factors such as weight, item SKU, combination of certain items with certain other items etc. But if the system then auto assigns an incompatible packaging group or type for this service then shipping time is increased because the group and type will need to be changed.

SOLUTION: There is only one good way to solve this problem and that is to allow us to also assign a packaging group and packaging types to an order using rules engine.  If this was possible we would fix the problem described above by making our rules engine decide the shipping service as it already does.... Then we could run another rule that says.... If condition is service = USPS Flat Rate Envelope then we can have an action assign packaging group "USPS Flat Rate Envelope". This would result in an order all set and ready to print rather than needed to change things at the time of shipping increasing ship times.

Also as an added reason this would be better. Currently packaging types are chosen automatically based on group and the item weight or size. Lets say it is set up to choose the packaging type by weight. Well what if we have only a few items that are very dense and heavy but they are small or what if we have some very large items that are very light weight. Well this system would make an incorrect decision. But if we could create a rule in the rules engine to account for those situations by identifying them by SKU or combination of SKU, or weight etc then assigning the correct packaging group and type it wouldn't be an issue.

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