Warehouse Priority Does not Exist.

Seems like this should be a core function of an inventory / warehouse management software, but it is missing from Linnworks.net. 

The ability to set warehouse priority levels. 

For example - A new order arrives, if warehouse #1 has stock of the item, the order is assigned to warehouse #1 ready to be processed. 

If warehouse #1 has 0 stock, then its sent to warehouse #0 to be processed. 

Or some extra settings in Order rules engine so we can set a location based on a "has stock in warehouse" value. 

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Any news for this request? I agree with original post. Linnworks is expensive than its competitors yet why it i's missing a core function?

This is a fantastic idea, and would definitely help setting up the automation. I'm also surprised it is still not a feature within Linnworks.

I don't know why this wasn't included in linnworks as an original core feature - we've had to pay for custom scripting to automate multiple warehouses, utter pain and costly when ever you want to add or remove one... could be easily done via the rules engine - especially now LW wont do scripting in house they wouldn't even be losing a revenue stream by allowing us to self serve this... 

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