Feature to automatically merge orders on .net

I've been told there is a way to do this with a script on the desktop version but really don't have the time to go and learn how to use that.

Is there any way on .net to achieve this?

Hi Richard,

this function is already implemented within .net, please use the following steps to configure the option

  1. Settings > General Settings
  2. Select the tab "Order Settings"
  3. Tick the option "Automatically merge order" in the frame "General Settings"

This process will automatically look for and merge orders every 15 minutesĀ 

The system will auto-merge orders that meet the following criteria

  • Customer name and address must match (Case-sensitivity will not be applied)
  • The orders must originate from the same channel (Source & SubSource)
  • All orders must be paid
  • All orders must have the same currency
  • All orders must have the same Linnworks Postal Service
  • All orders must not have already had their invoice or shipping labels printed


Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems

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