Does anyone else think that .net is not fit for daily use yet?

Although I'm hanging on with desktop at the moment I know at some point I'm going to have to give it up so I've been testing out .net for processing orders the past couple of days.

I have to say that I really don't think it's ready for daily use in our business yet.

There are small but important things that would be so easy to fix and from a UI stand point are just plain bad.

For example when processing order.

You click scan items and start working through scanning all the products in

Now in desktop , if you scanned the wrong item in you would get an alert to say it wasn't part of the order.

Nothing in .net - yes you get a little tick next to the item but if you have 50 items to scan in you aren't going to start scrolling up and down just to make sure the item had a tick.

Why not add an alert box just like you used to get in desktop????

Hi - Today we were forced to use .net as the desktop wasn't connecting to .net to produce shipping labels. I have tried .net before and raised support tickets about how awful .net order screen is but I am told that it is wonderful and just get used to it! 

On desktop we can tick a box for shipping type - royal mail; parcel force; amazon etc. In .net you have to type in filters, no tick boxes. In desktop if something has zero weight we can see it straight away and change it, in .net another arduous process of filters, and so it goes on. The labels won't print, the templates that work in desktop are different in .net. I also tried to highlight 42 orders for printing and the screen kept moving up and down on its own! Then it only does 20 at a time so you have to print 3 times (20 + 20 + 2).

Am I the only one thats finds .net hard to use. 

Please use this topic to vote for which one you find better to use - DESKTOP or NET.


DESKTOP gets my vote.

Yup I forgot about the weight issue.

We tried to process an order on .net and it contained a product which we forgot to enter the weights into.

Desktop - easy just enter the total parcel weight when you are processing the order.

.Net - nope can't do it, i would have to delete all the products, enter the weight into the product, re-add the products back into the order and then save.

DESKTOP IS FAR SUPERIOR.  Had to laugh at the comment above  "have tried .net before and raised support tickets about how awful .net order screen is but I am told that it is wonderful and just get used to it! "  that's exactly what I get told all the time, they don't want to listen because they have tunnel vision and spend all their time and effort on .net with no respect for their original customers who learnt and paid for the Desktop system.  Lets face it the software is complicated and takes years to learn completely and then they want us to scrap everything we know and start again.  No thanks we were happy before, if its not broke don't fix it.

Desktop is our preferred system.

Hi - I had a call form Richard at Linnworks. There is an updated version of .net order screen underway and he took me through some of the features (some are already on the existing order screen). The new one could well solve some of our problems with the .net order screen. He said if anyone is struggling to give Linnworks sales a call and ask for Richard so he help the transition from Desktop to .Net.

Pete Martin

But we don't want transition, we just want to carry on with the software we paid for and spent about 8 years learning all its ins and outs, macros, rules, folders, templates, purchase orders, inventory, linnlive listing etc.  

.net doesn't even have purchase order functionality yet and the order screen is a mess, we have a system in place which involves the simple ticking of status & folders and order automation scripts that sort by postcode and other options.  To have all the different folders and options we use each in its own filter tab would take up half the screen and cause confusion, errors, be hard on the eyes and slow us down.  We like just ticking the boxes on the left, easy, simple, clean page, you can instantly see what you are doing.  The long winded filtering system on .net simply does not work for us.

I was told previously there were no plans to scrap desktop - this had better be the case.

Jacqui, have you not noticed in desktop things are getting edged out further and further in favour of .net

Just go into processed orders now on desktop and you will get the message "this screen will be replaced by .net soon"

I just don't understand why they built .net this way.

Instead of looking at desktop and seeing all the good features that are in it (for example reorder low stock - which is a total must for us) they just decided to throw everything out the window and build up from scratch.

But just keep watching how much more stuff in desktop is slowly being pushed out, even outside desktop - linnlive which was really good and easy to use that if you set up your attributes correctly could be a one  2 click and you are listed situation - now it's so much harder and longer to create a listing.

Yes Adam, I have been fighting this all the way.  Trouble is for me too being the main administrator that when I am forced to follow the link into .net screen my desktop version freezes and I have to restart because it says I am logged in twice.  So when processed orders is online only its going to be a complete nightmare for me, especially when doing emails and flitting from screen to screen.  We are just about to enter our busiest season too so this just adds to the stress.

We also cannot use .net due to the lack of purchase order functionality, that's imperative to every working day.  

I don't understand why they want to alienate their loyal original customers, I feel like we are being forced to go elsewhere.  I think the problem is that developers are not end users, they just don't understand.

Still a joke, desktop search for a sku in inventory screen......9 seconds (a bit slow), in .NET same search in inventory screen .....69seconds , YES exactly a minute longer.

They keep increasing the price and we keep paying for it, and it still doesn't work properly!

Desktop is our preferred system. 

2 years on from this thread and I think desktop is still far superior to .net. Training staff to use .net is extremely difficult, especially the amount of errors they can be faced with for example not spotting the extra items in composite Skus, not spotting the extra quantities as it's not highlights, and not even being able to fully see the shipping method as the field is too small. Then when you load up the 90s looking desktop app to use as an alternative and say this is much better, it's pretty embarrassing

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