Paid stamp on an Invoice

I am trying to get a paid stamp on a Linnworks invoice only when the order has been marked as paid.  I figured that I could create two versions of the invoice and use printing conditions to check whether an order has been paid.  Unfortunately, the status of whether or not an order is paid is not one of the variables on printing conditions?

Can anybody offer any suggestions?



Hi Matthew,

I think the best way to achieve what you're after is to work with a single invoice, but include an image stamp to indicate the paid status of an order. This could be done by adding said image to the invoice template you use, and then adding a visibility condition based on the status of the order (I've included an example in the screenshot below). I'd recommend testing this to make sure it works with any other printing conditions you might have set up, of course!;

One thing to add is if you often find you're printing off unpaid orders and you'd like to avoid doing so, the best option would be to use filters (if you're using Desktop) or even better, a pre-configured view from the interface;

Hopefully this helps!


Hi Josh,

That is great many thanks.  I was not aware of visibility conditions on images.  I reckon it must be a new feature since I set up templates a long time ago.

 Very helpful thank you


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