allegro and linnwork - total ignorance, many lies and empty promises

this is just below any credibility. 

today we realised in the midnight that linnworks again did not upload any transaction from allegro for the last 2 days !

this has been repeating every few days...and no.... there is no any basic support from linnworks customer service ! once a week a new response with empty promises and 'smiles' 

1) 4 months time to prepare to new allegro webapi changes (they could not make it)

2) two months of not able to solve simple orders uploads to the system (everyday errors and missed orders)

3) barely PR contact details, no solutions, many lies and empty promises

4) many many lost clients, lost orders, many many gifts as apologies, many negative feedbacks so far and lost all thanks to linnworks ignorance

and they still advertise allegro channel as the one they manage fully :)))) lol

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