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We have variation listings which we currently list on eBay. The Parent SKU has multiple images and the Child SKUs have a single image. This is all great for eBay, however when we come to list on Amazon, we list the Child SKUs as single Amazon listings. Due to this, the listings on Amazon only show one image.

We would like to add the secondary images to the Child SKUs for when they are listed on Amazon, however we do not want them to show up on eBay as this will make the eBay variation listings look untidy. We currently need the 'Auto Select All Images' option enabled in the eBay configurator or the parent SKU will not show the secondary images.

Therefore we are having to duplicate our inventory items so that they can be listed solely on Amazon with all images showing.

If there was an area in Linnworks inventory where we could store images that are solely to be used on Amazon for example, this would be really helpful and decrease the number of SKUs we have in our inventory.

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I know this problem, long time ago I mentioned it to them, linnworks does not support variations, child descriptions and images are treated as one, I think there is still ticket open in my support account. 

When listing you can manually select the images you want to include in the listing, you can also delete the ones that are unnecessary - this does not delete them from the inventory, only the listing template and if you click 'reload images from product' on the images pop up window it will download them into the template again. 

Doing this when listing each product would remove your need to have multiple SKUs for each product which must be quite annoying when trying to keep track of stock levels. 

There used to be a way of importing images specifically for a certain channel but I didn't get on with it, the CSV file had to be a list with a different row for each image so multiple rows for each SKU which doesn't fit with my usually CSV format (one row per SKU and lots and lots of columns) so I use the manual image update approach. Although my use of it is slightly different, the only different images I import are for the ParentSKU, eBay allows the main image to contain multiple products, whereas Amazon does not. 

Out of interest, why have you decided not to use variation listings on Amazon?

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