Export Items from My Inventory, Including a Filtered View.

I would be extremely helpful to be able to export items listed directly from the 'My Inventory' page, including a filtered view.

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In other systems, you can filter the inventory, identifying exactly which parts you are interested in.

You then press the "Export" button and are prompted with where to save the file to.  

This way you can export the items without having to go to a separate screen and duplicating the filters used. - It is a far more efficient process.

I'm with Stuart, it would be very helpful to be able to export (or even print) directly from the filtered view on the "My Inventory" page. The custom views on my inventory screen is so powerful and easy to get the perfect list of what we are looking for. I think the amount of effort put into creating the custom views was genius on the part of Linnworks...being able to print or export the view created would be a plus!

I know it can be done similarly in Setting->Export Data but it is cumbersome to do and requires you use dropbox, FTP, etc to export the file. Plus you can't see the actual output until you create the export file.

This would be a very powerful feature...in my opinion.

Agreed, this would be great

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