Rules Engine "Upgrade"

It would be useful to extend the range of order information attributes available within the rules engine. 

For example, our Magento store creates a "customer_group_id" eg 2 (which identifies our trade customers within Magneto) as part of the order XML. We would then like to set up the rules engine so that if this is = 2 then we can set up a rule to move these orders to a "trade folder" and/or mark with a tag. This will help us to identify and manage these orders within linnworks.

I can understand that it is not necessary to pull all of the order XML info over for every order, however, it would be useful for a user to be able to tick "additional" order XML attributes that would then be available to be used by the Rules Engine!

Thank you.

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This would be very useful... I'm always coming up against brick walls trying to integrate simple things and this would help a lot.

I need to export orders to be uploaded to Cdiscount Fulfilment (annoyingly not integrated like FBA), it requires me to provide a title like Mr/Mrs and name in Firstname Surname format.  All the info I need is in the XML and if I could create order extended properties from it then life would be easy - but it seems there is no way around it!

The only solution is a manual one where I the extended properties to each order individually which is obviously not going to work in the long term. 

Ive just asked about this in a ticket and got the " we can do this with scripting - here's our price list...."

The rules engine is a powerful tool - which seems to have been deliberatly held back, all i wanted to achieve was marking a certain customers orders as paid (they have credit terms) - i can set up a condition to get the customer via email easily, but he Actions are severly lacking.

Linnworks - put some more work into rules Actions and make it he fantastic tool it can be!

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