Magento troubles

Is it just me or have other people had ridiculously silly problems with Magento integrations?

I've been trying to get a successfully integrated Magento channel for well over a year now but we've had problem after problem after problem and Linnworks support have been quite useless in helping to resolve anything if i'm quite honest.

I cant count the number of developers i've had trying to resolve this.  I've also tried about 7 or 8 different hosting companies deploying old and new installations and i'm still in the exact same place.

Has anyone else experienced similar? Or do I just have extremely bad luck?

Can anyone recommend a good web hosting company and/or developer I can get in contact with too.

Hello Fahmida,

Thank you for contacting us.

I had a look at your Magento integrations, I assume you are referring to integration. When testing the Extension (Settings > Channel integration > Edit Channel details > Test Extension) this error is being returned: Procedure 'linnLiveGetGeneralInfoRequestParam' not present

This error might be caused by the fact that the LinnLiveConnect extension is not installed in System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager. This is part of the prerequisites for adding a Magento channel as described in our documentation: Here are detailed instructions on how to install the extension Could you please try adding/updating the LinnLive extension on your Magento backend? Also, you could try clearing the Magento cache by clicking on Flush Magento Cache and Flush Cache Storage:

I hope this information is useful to you.

Please, let us know if the issue persists.

Kind regards,



Thanks for your response.  You will see that I have a few Magento channel.

First one connects (, looks fine in configurators screen, shows categories but wont pull in any attributes.

Second one (IP ending .191) is a clone of placed on a developers server.  This is currently connecting, pulling in attributes and categories etc just fine (for now anyway) however it still flags as red in the configurators screen.  Why that is nobody has been able to answer.

Third currently appears to be working ok.  Its on the same host as is on a different host and is a test site.  I've followed all the prerequisites.  Its connected fine and pulls in attributes, however appears red in the configurators screen and will not pull in the categories (but will pull attributes).

The Victoriastreet one you are referring to is the newest one which just does not want to connect.

Totally baffling.

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