Parcelforce with LW integration - Adhoc collections

This particular nugget is missing from both the LW and the Parcelforce documentation so figured I'd fill the hole for the next person desperate for the information.

Credit: Phil Davies for the assist

Accurate as of: 6th August 2018

  1. When you sign up with Parcelforce you will receive multiple different accounts that do different things.
    a) a account which is where you get all your administration, invoicing and reports stuff
    b) a account for use with the integration and the expressLink
    c) a second account that allows you to create shipments manually directly on their website. This is the important one

You will need to do all your normal integration configuration using the LW guide and the login information that PF will provide in two emails

Once it's all up and working you then print your PF labels as normal via LW

Booking the Collection

Now, assuming you know you are going to need an adhoc collection for that day it's best to get this in nice and early so you're sure the driver knows to come (our driver said book before 1pm - yours may be different)

  1. Go to and login using your non-expressLink account
    Not sure which one you've used? Look for "WDMO online" top right corner

  2. Navigate to Shipping > Enter a shipment (NOT "Collection request" - yes, really!)

  3. Look for the section that says "A collection is not yet arranged for the Shipping Date selected above." and the button next to it "Arrange Collection"

  4. Click on "Arrange Collection" and then fill out the details as required including the collection time.
    Be sure to select the "I would like Parcelforce Worldwise to collect my parcel(s)." option

  5. Now click confirm and you're done.

  6. You'll get an email confirming your collection and you're good to go.

Avoid the temptation to just book collections in advance if you might not have a package as you'll annoy the driver and probably get charged so bear that in mind.

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