Customer behaviour

Dear Linnworks,

I am fairly certain the majority of retailers that use your software have problems with fraudulent activity and managing blacklists.

I think it would be a very worthwhile feature for Linnworks to be able to recognise and highlight potentially high-risk customers/addresses.

Addresses that had been flagged by the user previously.

Each morning when running through your open orders you'd immediately inspect any orders identified as high risk.

For example -  a customer has proved difficult in the past (i.e. multiple items not received claims) - they have already been flagged as high risk by a member of the team. They order again, this time Linnworks has isolated the order as high risk - with an advisory.

Please make this happen. I don't imagine it would be difficult to do, but it would be very useful.



Hi Chris,

Thanks for raising this request. I just wanted to mention (in case you weren't already aware) that there is a third-party application for exactly these kind of our scenarios, called 'Warden':

There's a free Trial available as well as a professional version, and it sounds like it meets exactly the requirements you've mentioned above.

It's also worth mentioning that you could potentially use Rules Engine for these scenarios (using a rule looking for information such as address to assign an order to a folder or park/lock it) although this would probably be less elegant than a dedicated solution.

Kind regards,


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