Print Stock In List with Locations


I would like to know how to print a list of items stocked in during a stock in session with SKU, Bin/Rack, and Qty.

Essentially, this would be exactly like a Pick List, but instead of picking items one would be stocking items in.

This is a critical function for those of us with a growing warehouse who is arranging that warehouse by Bin/Rack location as the key ordering scheme.

I'm sure that some of us who have high SKU count warehouses that have faced this problem and would love to hear how you tackled this.


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Hi MJ,

Have you used the Query Data reports?

If you use  Dashboards > Query Data > Query Type: Stock Items with levels  you can download a report that can be opened in excel which has quite a few columns you'll want to remove but it does have a SKU and a BinRack column so you can easily make printable lists that you can add a QTY count to and then can be imported back into LW using the Import Data tool.

Hope this helps!  

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