Choose when to run rules engine tasks

I'd like to be able to allocate the postal service used, only when I am about to print my shipping labels. It would be great if I could select all my orders, then run a specific rule to do this at that time and not when Linnworks chooses.

The reason for this is that if postal services are allocated when Linnworks downloads them, some orders that could be merged will not be. 

As an example, if a customer bought a camera, the order would download and the rules might automatically assign it as a Royal Mail Tracked packet. The customer realises they also need a memory card so makes a second purchase, and Linnworks assigns this as a Royal Mail large letter. These then won't be merged as they are different postal services and so results in an increased cost for us.

At present, we don't assign any postal services on download and so have to manually add them just before printing shipping labels. 

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