Error validating Linnworks Anywhere account: Account does not exist

Linnworks desktop was working fine this morning, but when I went to reopen the program later I received the error message "Error validating Linnworks Anywhere account: Account does not exist or password is incorrect or the system has been removed from the cloud servers." I checked on and the user information is still there. I attempted to reinstall, however it won't accept the login information stating that the email or password is invalid, which it's not because I used it to login to to double check the details. On logging into I see this message : 

We have deactivated your Express subscription due to no-login in the last 20 days.  

We have deleted your database now, and I am afraid we cannot restore it now :( However you can create a fresh one by click Create New Express. 

I`ve been a user for 4 years, so confused on these messages.


I can see this issue has been resolved within a support ticket. Please carry on in the ticket should you have any further questions.

Kind regards,


Technical Support

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