Stock Available option in Template Designer

We need available stock printed on Packing lists at the point the order is created.

At the moment Linnworks does none of these - Stock Level is an option to print, but this is only good once the order is processed. As a manufacturing company our orders come through all day, stock is only updated at the process point, which can often be a long time after the order is input.

Stock is constantly hours behind and we go looking for items that we don't have, and this information is only visible by looking at the system. If we were able to put it on the packing list it would be clearer to spot early shortages.

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Totally agree with you.

Have you thought about moving to paperless picking Adam, if you were picking from an electronic device you could show real time stock at the time you were picking the order perhaps?

This wouldn't work in our process. Multiple workers rely on the documentation to work from, unless we equip everyone with electronic devices... paper is cheaper, and works! This system works from database, the information is in there. Just let us choose what goes on our documents. Linnworks can't possibly know what options are right for all businesses.

Why are all the options different - import/printing/template design etc. On one document you can put a barcode, on another you can't, on one you can put stock levels, on another you can't.


The reason why it is not possible to print Available stock level on the picklist is because Linnworks doesn't reserve stock (allocate) at the point of order being created in a normal/standard setup. Feature that will allow you to reserve/allocate stock manually or will be available as part of WMS we are working on at the moment. The reason for Linnworks not bothering with individual order allocation is to simplify fulfilment process in default/standard setup. 

We do have current Stock Level column available on the picklist, but I assume its not very useful to you as you it doesn't take current open orders. 

One way around it would be enable Batching for the items. Please first clearly evaluate the impact of enabling batching for items will cause - it will make things a lot more complicated to manage and has to be done correctly otherwise you will end up in a bit of a mess. When batching is enabled, Linnworks will start allocating stock to orders automatically when you print invoices or picklists. When Stock not available for allocation it simply won't print the paperwork and batch not allocated to order, basically ensuring you don't end up walking around looking for stuff that doesn't exist. 

In the future: We are currently working on new and much improved Open Orders screen. As part of the functionality the screen will automatically (virtually) allocate stock to orders in the order they appear in the grid. 

(We will demonstrating this new functionality at Linn Academy this year and will be able to enable it in beta on your account on the day) 


Can we request to be part of such betas?

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