Ability to Use Expressions on Configurators

I feel sure that this will have already been raised but I can't find it.

It would be great if expressions could be used against standard inventory attributes & extended properties in order to set the values of fields on configurators.

For example, we have an extended property "Colour" that contains an array of different values that don't match the accepted values for colour on marketplace channels. It would be great if we could use an expression on "Colour" to ensure that the value matches the channel requirements. For example:

colour:= iif[{EXTENDED PROPERTY}="Gold", "Yellow", {EXTENDED PROPERTY}];
colour:= iif[colour="Mango", "Orange",colour];
colour:= iif[colour="Teal", "Blue",colour];


At the moment all we can do is have a separate inventory field which is manually populated to ensure the correct colour is used on each channel. I accept that we could use configurators on a data import to set the values in another extended property but this is messy.



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That would be a fantastic function. Hopefully it could be released soon.

Yes this would save a lot of hassle with multiple extended properties for the same data.

For example one mirakl marketplace Men 2nd marketplace Mens  needs to different extended properties sorting and that is the tip of the iceberg!

Ebay.com differences to co.uk  gray and grey  colour and color - never ending extended properties could all be sorted with this

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