Sync Error

Hi Support,

We think the magento inventory sync on one of our accounts isn't working as our client is getting a lot of outages.

On our vendor licence on account

There is a sync error = (769) Magento Inventory Sync.

the log states Submitting quantity of x attempt 0.

so we believe its not attempting, can you check the API call on this log please and let me know your findings.




I have taken a look at some of the recent logs and products appear to be updating fine. I did however find some errors stating: Product with SKU "%1" does not exist

You already have a support ticket opened for this issue and our agents have provided you with some solutions to try.

Please have a look at your ticket ID 1206755. Try the solution provided and should the problem persist, please carry on in the support ticket.

Kind regards,


Technical Support

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