Anyone else having problems with linnworks APPS

I've already reported this to linnworks so this is a more - is anyone else having problems as well or is it isolated to me.

Main linnworks app intergrations we use are XSELLCO and STOCKWISE

Couple of days ago in XSELLCO if we click on the fetch linnworks details on the SKU's we are getting a error message that the token doesn't belong to the app

and then this morning when using STOCKWISE we were getting a critical error on the APP (it works on android) and to contact the developer.

Contacted the developer and they've not changed anything but they suspect it's got something to do with linnworks have changed the way they deal with app session validation.

So anyone else having any issues with linnworks apps?

Adam, is this still affecting you ?

We have an issue with our custom software which imports orders and also dispatches orders on our websites.. Both of which use the Linnworks API.

Yet their status page show API working no problem :|

The output from the API we're getting is "Please use server specified in session. )" so again something to do with Session....

The xsellco issue has been fixed and i've just tried stockwise and that seems to be ok again now.

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