Re-subscribing - NOT best practice!

Dear Linnworks

Having been a loyal customer for exactly a year, I was somewhat surprised to discover when attempting to log on this morning that my account was ‘suspended’ and couldn’t be accessed without re-subscribing.

Whilst I realise (now) that a whole year has passed, I have had no prior notification that my subscription was coming to an end, or that my account would be suspended without warning.  

There’s been no messages, either within Linnworks or directly to me and certainly no loyalty or promotional offer to continue. All pretty poor after a first year’s relationship and perhaps something worth you considering for the future.

At it’s simplest, I would suggest that you should be giving your subscribers some time to consider the pricing options for re-subscribing and (in my case) to be financially prepared for an annual subscription rather than a monthly one. I want to take advantage of the saving, but at over £1700, this has really affected my cashflow for the next few weeks.

Whilst I have loyally re-subscribed, I’m disappointed to have been faced with a ‘lockout’ of my account without any warning whatsoever and have a virtual gun to my head to pay up or have no system to continue working with.  Luckily, I discovered this on a Sunday and not on Monday morning, which is always the busiest day of my week and would have caused even more stress.

A loyal, but disgruntled customer.

Hello Jim,

I definitely agree this could have been handled better. I will send you a private message regarding the specifics of your case to explain what has happened. Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. 

Best regards,

Klaas Schippers

Customer Experience Manager

Klaas, could you reply if we SHOULD be getting reminder emails when our subscriptions are nearing their end? would be helpful for the community to know or if we should all put reminders on our calendars ?

Hi Adam,

You are on an annual subscription and will get a few automated e-mails and in most cases also a personal phone call about your re-subscribing. Setting a personal reminder when your annual subscription will end is always a good idea of course. As for monthly subscriptions, they do not end unless there is a special circumstance (which has been the case with Jim)

Best regards,


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