Following the step-by-step guide on how to use Rules Engine.

I want to conform to Royal Mail's rules on Large Letter vs Parcel based on the product's weights/measures.

I have plugged these rules into a CSV file and did an inventory import.

Great - now the Default postal service shows in the product details just as it's supposed to.

So then an order comes through and the postal service is set to NONE (Default), which made little to no sense to me.

Never mind, I will just plug the same rules into the Rules Engine and then apply those rules to all of my open orders en mass.

Nope. Nothing happens. Every order that comes through is still set to NONE (Default)

Has anyone had any luck with this aspect of Linnworks?

What am I most likely doing wrong?

Hello Edmund

Thank you for reaching us!

In order to be able to assist you further and test the Rule "Shipping Service", we would need to have a bit more information: could you please provide us with an example order ID where the shipping service has not been assigned correctly?

Looking forward to your reply.

Kind regards,


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