Dilemma - generic support being stopped

 Hi all,

With generic website support being stopped and the news that existing generic channels can't be tweaked, I'm a bit stuck considering I am currently using X-Cart for a couple of domains alongside our Amazon channel. Bearing in mind I will have to upgrade X-Cart this year to the latest as our versions are getting a bit old, I face a bit of a dilemma as I won't be able to connect it to Linnworks. I could change carts but that would cost significantly more in the migration plus a bigger monthly cost to a cart I never wanted or needed to move to in the first place e.g. Magento.

Anyone else a bit scuppered with the changes?



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Hi Dan,

Thanks for getting in touch. Regarding the changes to generic websites, the main reason for this change is the industry-wide updates to TLS and security in general. The root cause for this is that PCI DSS requires that TLS 1.0 can no longer be used for secure connections. In short, the older 'generic websites' adapter designed for Desktop uses both an older method of connecting as well as an old version of TLS. 

While we've managed to upgrade some of the TLS methods enough to allow existing integrations to keep running in our cloud sync, we can't currently offer that same legacy functionality that was previously available in a cloud environment like .Net, as the old architecture isn't secure enough for us to create new connections. That's why existing integrations will keep running, but you can't add new ones nor make changes to existing ones from the end-user's side.

From a practical perspective, if you need to make any changes to your existing integrations, if you reach out to our customisation team they may be able to assist in adjusting queries as we do have access to these from our side. Moving forwards, we're currently assessing the most popular carts clients were using the old 'generic website' integration with. If there are more up-to-date methods that support the functional requirements to create a full integration available (such as API) and enough demand, we may re-introduce them in the future. It's also possible to integrate them via our API as an application if you have the technical knowledge, too.

Hopefully this helps.

Kind regards,

Joshua Neale

Customer Experience Manager

Thanks Joshua, I understand and I will add that X-Cart, even our versions, work with TLS 1.2 as we wouldn't be able to take payments with the corresponding TLS related changes with payment processors. Of course, it would be a lot handier if you, or X-Cart or both had a proper integration like you used to but I guess that is a bit chicken and egg as to who approaches who and if there are any real benefits other than the one lonely voice that is myself...:)

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