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since the first day of using the Open Order Views (Pages) not function properly.

1) The open orders upload to the VIEW screen sometimes in half, sometimes 1/3rd of the total number at the first try.

 You got to keep refreshing the whole page couple of times to see them ALL at last. There should be an update to the system to make sure that ALL ORDERS upload at the first time. 

2) when trying to highlight all ORDERS for the particular VIEW with the right hand slider  (even if all orders are displayed correctly), this is another nightmare.  You have to fight with the slider at the bottom of the VIEW PAGE a couple of times to finally catch the last / oldest order transaction and then highlight all the orders at last. 

Once all orders are highlighted you can at last print out the shipping labels or the picking list. Sometimes highlighting takes 2 minutes to finally manage to catch them all.

The open order VIEWS are used by every client on daily basis so they should be extra focus on 'polishing' it to perfection.

To make things much easier, I would recommend to introduce some kind of a button. The button would be responsible for HIGHLIGHTING all Orders within the particular VIEW. So instead of waisting 2 minutes for each VIEW using the slider, I would have all orders highlighted with one click of a button within view seconds.

3) every 2nd time I enter manually the tracking number to the open transaction and save it, the system does not save it at all !!!

so you got to repeat it 2 or 3 times , then recheck it to make sure it is finally there. 

4) whats the logic behind an idea to keep same VIEWS on different Locations ? 

On one hand the customer service recommends to keep as few as possible VIEWS TO MAKE SURE that transactions upload  faster, on the other hand there is NO POSSIBILITY to have different VIEWS for different location..which would solve the problem with TOO MANY VIEWS in total per LOCATION.


Many silly, trouble making flows within the OPEN ORDER VIEWS. This should not happen after such a long time. 

Thank you 

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Hi Michal,

a quick update for you with regards to the Open Orders screen. 

At the moment this page is undergoing some very major work to improve the overall flow and use which we believe will deliver a better experience for you.

I can not provide a specific ETA on the release of this as we will not push it out until we are confident the updated version is ready for daily use.

Regarding the points you have raised here

1) I assume what you are referring to is that not all orders are actually displayed when the view is opened and as you scroll the screen buffers as it retrieves the rest of the order data to for display purposes. The view is aware of all the orders but has only visually displayed the first set of orders based on the sorting applied to the view. Through the use of "Hot buttons" as detailed in my reply to point 2 below, you will see that will not need to scroll through all the orders to manually select them.

2) I am not sure if you are aware, but it is possible to add "Hot Buttons" to any view in Open Orders. With this set up you could add buttons for "Select All", "Print shipping labels", "Print Pick List", etc which will allow you to perform this tasks without the need to scroll to the bottom to find the last order. There are also shortcut keys that allow for these functions also such as "Shift + A" to Select all. It is possible to see all the available shortcut keys on the Right-Click menu.

3) I have heard this mentioned once before and the only reason I am aware of where the system does not save the tracking number is when the "Complete Order" button is clicked prior to the auto-save function finishing. If you wait until the red Modified box at the top left changes to a green Saved box before clicking on Complete Order this should prevent this issue from happening. I have to ask though which Shipping Courier / Service are you using as ideally when printing shipping labels through Linnworks if you use an integrated courier then the tracking number will be automatically added to the order.

4) Could you provide an example of where you need to have a different ver per location so that I can discuss the requirement with the development team to verify if it fits in with the updates currently being made to the screen.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

I also have the problem that I cannot see the last order on the open orders screen by using the slider. The only way I can find to view it is to use the down arrow key. Using the slider would be better.

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