Allegro Integration.

Please can you bring back allegro integration.

Thank you.

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Hi Tom,

until Allegro release a new version of their API we are unable to generate a new integration with the platform


1) Allegro released new API version on 1st June - 25 days ago

2) Allegro informed about new API chages 3 months ago

3) Linnworks after one month with new API keep saying that the mapping functionality is still to come after the changes.

this is a total joke. 3 months and still not solved !


I have spoken with our development team to confirm the timelines on this on how it fits in with the dates provided by Allegro.

I believe the announcement you are referring to from Allegro is the one found on the following page

Plans for the Allegro API

We are developing the REST API

By the end of June 2018, the resources that allow you to display and edit offers are in beta. We are open and eager to listen to your comments, suggestions and comments. Therefore, the more we encourage you to test. 

Scheduler for REST API

  • July 2018 - resources that allow you to list and edit offers will be available in the public version.
  • July 2018 - we will provide resources for downloading and managing orders with Allegro in beta.
  • October 2018 - we will provide resources for orders in the public version

Ultimately, the REST API Allegro will be the only application interface that will allow you to manage the offer and orders.

As you can see from this the release that Allegro has made so far is currently only in BETA phase for Order management and not will available for full public use until October 2018

We, therefore, do not want to start making changes to how we work with Order management until we are confident that ongoing edits to their API are minimised.

With regards to the mapping functionality that you have referenced, I can confirm this is not dependant on the new API. Our development team have completed the required work on this and the functionality is now with our Quality Assurance (QA) team who are testing the implementation which once passed will be released

kind regards


Is there any update on product mapping and stock synch?

I don't mind placing orders manually as long as I have correct stock levels in Allegro, but at the moment I can't even open the mapping screen as I get an error. 


no one cares Raja. no one replies to open tickets, and the "Our development team have completed the required work on this and the functionality is now with our Quality Assurance (QA) team who are testing the implementation which once passed will be released"  is still not working which causes many many errors. if that happened to ebay changes, linnworks would go bankrupt within a week


I have checked this morning with our Quality Assurance and Development teams and can confirm that the changes for Allegro mapping have now passed and are scheduled to be released in the next update "5.152.0" for which is due for next week.



this is just below any credibility. 

today we realised in the midnight that linnworks again did not upload any transaction from allegro for the last 2 days !

this has been repeating every few days...and no.... there is no any basic support from linnworks customer service ! once a week a new response with empty promises and 'smiles' 

1) 4 months time to prepare to new allegro webapi changes (they could not make it)

2) two months of not able to solve simple orders uploads to the system (everyday errors and missed orders)

3) barely PR contact details, no solutions, many lies and empty promises

4) many many lost clients, lost orders, many many gifts as apologies, many negative feedbacks so far and lost all thanks to linnworks ignorance

and they still advertise allegro channel as the one they manage fully :)))) lol

can we bring back the integration ?

NO !!! They promised it..but they will not. They got a NEW CEO who is messing up with the company's clients .. They gave promises but... who cares... 

Allegro is now in the top 10 ecommerce platforms in the world in terms of visitors. I really think its time Linnworks have an integration for this. I know we are waiting.

Adam, you can choose Baselinker which gives you an option to have orders from Allegro, Ebay, Amazon, Shopify, Whoocommerce etc. What could small company provide few years ago Linnworks still does nothing.. Just waiting patiently for the news about the linnworks owner selling the shares and running from the sinking / too expensive company which linnworks becomes slowly :((( 

They kept us quite long REPEATING same promises about updating Allegro Api .. lol

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