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PLEASE LIKE as it will result in a higher chance of implementation. This is a much needed feature for all sellers. 

Linnworks should change the inventory screen columns to include Extended Properties and Channel Prices.

The way I see it, currently if you want to change for example an extended property on each variation of a product, you either export/import (which is often not efficient to do so) or you do it on the inventory screen. Now in the inventory screen you have to make multiple database requests to change something in each variation of a product; > Go to inventory view > Type in SKU > Go into that SKU > Make Changes then Save > Repeat for other variations (which then accumulates database requests). Instead of it just being Go to extended property view (don't show results until you type in sku for optimisation) > Type in SKU > Make changes in columns & hit enter, it's not only less time consuming but seems like it would be less or similar in intensity on the database. This also leads me onto the next topic, that's the fact that eBay and Amazon's listing tools both have an 'Apply to all' button for prices etc. Now if a product has 20+ variations and you want to change the price, it's either export/import or individually going into each product. It's probably not a huge job to implement such a feature on the inventory / listing tools but it would save a huge amount of time. 

There are many ways to limit the database requests that would make this a viable idea.



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