Allow Comma-separated Attribute Values to be Displayed as a List in Configurator Description


I have a ticket(#1195071) with details concerning this request.

I have comma-separated values(multiple values) in an extended property and/or in metadata.

I want to display these comma separated values as a bullet or number list within the description of the configurators.

For example, here is an extended property and values:

Makes: AC, CH, FO, HO

I want to display these comma-separated values in the description like so:

Will Fit the Following Makes:

  • AC
  • CH
  • FO
  • HO

I prefer to accomplish this without duplicating extended properties to add operators or code to the value data, like adding <li><br> to the values which would get very messy.

Has anyone been able to do this?  Please share if you can.

Thank you.

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