Hi, Question regarding Shipping Manifests using Royal Mail OBA

 Our current order processing system is that we print of all the orders.  For example we may 100 orders to be processed, 50 of them may go out today and the remaining 50 out the following day, but we need to print and confirm so as to avoid late dispatch rates and also depending on time we may not be able to make and send all 100 items.  However, the problem we have is at that shipping manifest stage where all 100 orders are waiting to be filed for manifest, we then have to go through each order to see which one is going and which needs to be deffered to the following manifest.  This is OK when we only have less than a 100 orders to process, however, when things get busy, going through each order and including or defering it in the manifest becomes timely and we have missed a couple of our royal mail pick up times becasue of this.

We have access to a barcode scanner, is it possible in any way that some how we scan the barcodes of items that are going to be bagged and shipped and the remaining would be defered to the next manifest automatically?

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when it comes to manifesting please use the option "Auto Defer & Manifest", which means the system will only manifest labels for orders which have been already marked as processed within Linnworks. For all orders that have a RM OBA label printed, but are not yet processed these will automatically be deferred to the next day.

Is it working?  any problem arising?

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