see sales statisitics at variation group level not just individual sku

Not sure if this is possible but most of my sales are size variations would be good to see what is actually selling best at a variation group level

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We found a workaround for this using an extended property called Parent

When we report on sales we use a custom query which also includes that extended property and when put into excel reporting tool it auto sums for us. 

We found this works better than on a variation group level because due to the way different channels work such as Amazon - Ebay - Spartoo etc we have different Variation groups setup on a channel specific level. 

So Amazon allows size / colour only where Ebay we could have more variaition themes and need a new VG to handle those. 

By reporting sales on the actual Item parent using the extended property you can get a proper picture of how many of each item you are selling instead of a potential amalgamation of items in the same variation group. 

Or that is true in our case. 

Thanks - that's a good idea!

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