Being able to veiw all images in the inventory screen

After a few months of trying to fix all the issues with images, I've realised that if I was able to see all the images for the products, this job would have been done much quicker as I would be able to see where the issues lie. For example i would be able to see where products have wrong images on them. 

I was recently testing out different Data Imports/Exports on 

We're going to need to fix several of our images due to Linnworks automatically pulling in eBay images with watermarks. This is a problem if we want to use Linnworks to list to Amazon, Walmart, or other channels.

So I learned that one of the export types is "Inventory Images":


It will provide you a list of all your SKUs, URL to each image, whether it's a primary image, and the sort order. You'll also see that Linnworks uses AWS to host the images.

So you could accomplish what you're after by doing the following:

  1. Run Inventory Image export on
  2. Bring it into excel
  3. Add a column concatenating the URLs inside an <IMG> tag
  4. Export it to a flat file and rename it to an HTML document
  5. Open HTML file in browser

But I agree that it would be nice if you could add additional columns containing the additional images (perhaps up to 5 of them) under the 'My Inventory' view.

Or if you wanted to get fancier, you could add some VBA code to convert URLs to images directly in Excel.

That VBA code didn't work for me in Excel 2016

But I worked out how to concatenate html tags around the image URL in excel:

Here is what I used:


="<span style='font-size: 20pt; padding: 10px'>" & A2 & "</span><img src='" & B2 & "' height='100' width='100'><br />"


A2 is the first SKU

B2 is the first Image URL

So then you get something like this when you paste all the HTML into an .html document and open it in a browser:


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