"On Order" Column In Inventory View

 Hi guys,

Not sure if this has been requested, but it would be great to have a column in the inventory view that shows if a line is currently in a PO.

i.e. have Level - Available - On Order.

Kind regards



this is available via the addition of the "Due" column to My Inventory

It is not shows me something. Just no one. I believe Ciaran meant «How to see qty of processed orders for current sku in my inventory»


I have taken the phrase "Level - Available - On Order" is in reference to the following for My Inventory

  • Level - a column to show current Stock Level
  • Available - a column to show Stock Level - In Open Orders
  • On Order - a column to show how many are due to arrive from a Linnworks Purchase Order

I can not see that we would ever show a column in My Inventory of how many of an item have been processed, this can be retrieved via Stock Item history or through query data reports

If you do not use the Linnworks Purchase Order functionality then the Due column will always display zero

Hi Mark,

The "Due" column is exactly what I was after. Thanks for confirming!

Kind regards


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