Custom Stock Movement

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I'm trying to create stock movement custom script with some specific column but i get with the "sales" column, please help me out from this.

Here are the some column which i want



    'Closing Level',
    'Closing StockValue',

please find the script which i have created

    Distinct ISNULL(si.ItemNumber, oi.ChannelSKU)  AS 'SKU',
    ISNULL(si.ItemTitle, sis.cItemName)  AS 'ItemTitle',
    oi.DispatchStockUnitCost AS 'TotalStockCost',
    sc.StockNow AS 'Closing Level',
    sc.StockValue AS 'Closing StockValue',
    sc.StockChangeDateTime AS 'Date'
 [StockItem]  si
LEFT JOIN [StockChange] sc ON si.pkStockItemId = sc.fkStockItemId
LEFT JOIN [OrderItem] AS oi WITH (NOLOCK) ON si.pkStockItemId = oi.fkStockItemId
LEFT JOIN [StockItems] AS sis WITH (NOLOCK) ON sis.pkStockId = oi.fkStockId
 (sc.StockChangeDateTime BETWEEN DATEADD(y, -1, GetDate()) and GetDate())

Here in this script "sales" Column is missing, so please some inform me how could i get this.

Thanks in advance


When you say 'sales' do you mean sale price or qty?


Thanks for your response,

It's about sales qty


Gaurav kakkar

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