Delete extended property value if empty cell in csv

Sometimes we are doing reviewing all our extended properties. So we are exported whole catalog with all extended properties and reviewing this via excel. After that we need to update it in linnworks. So for now I need firstly to delete all existing extended properties and only after that import updated csv. It's happened because linnworks import don't delete current linnworks value if it's have empty cell in csv.

Could you please give us option to delete extended property value if the cell in csv is empty. It will really help to keep our database clean and updated.


this approach could be very dangerous as the system would wipe the values if there were mistakenly omitted from the file which in a large file could be easily done.

The best way to delete Extended Properties in bulk is very the import described in the following link

Yes, I understand with you and agree! But you can add one or even two red big notes like «Attention! If the cell is empty it will delete extended properties value». And it will be as option, you can disable this by default also.

If the person don't know what is that — he will cancel import. But for guys like me will be very helpful.

Hi there,

I'm afraid its not that simple. As practice shows the warning messages are most of the time simply being clicked through and later on when something happens that was not expected i.e. some information was wiped that in reality customer did not wish to delete, after which a rollback is requested to put the information back. As you can understand we cannot assign resources for such tasks every time this happens as rolling back the information on the database is also not an easy task and takes time, not to mention that this will be a service which will have a fee applied to it. With this in mind and it is not limited to what I mentioned it is much more safer and a more reliable approach to simply not allow the removal of values from Extended Properties and instead allowing to either overwriting them or deleting and uploading new values.

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I understand you point Kirill. Thank you for detalised respond. Maybe we can do this like another «Inventory Import»? Anyway, I will understand if you will not be able to implement it. But I just kindly ask you to strive to find a way. I believe it will be very helpful for everybody.

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